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Simply enter the data of your used Boge compressor in the form. Our purchase offer will then be calculated automatically. Stefan Walser
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Upright integrity, reliability and expertise are the three fundamental pillars of our business philosophy. This means we offer you an uncomplicated and safe way to sell your used stationary Boge compressors - simply, quickly and for a fair price in line with the current market. In calculating our attractive prices, we draw on our years of experience in buying and selling used Boge compressors.

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Who is is part of the renowned DUP group based in Hohenems, Austria. DUP is Europe's largest dealer for stationary lubricated and oil-free screw compressors and has been an authority in the market for over 30 years. The company is active in around 100 countries all over the world, buying and selling screw compressors, rotary compressors, refrigerated dryers and desiccant dryers.

If you decide to team-up with, you’ll benefit from expertise, outstanding reliability and an ‘our-word-is-our-bond’ philosophy. Our high level of quality consciousness and service-oriented approach guarantee you a worry-free transaction and fair prices in line with the market for used stationary Boge compressors.